ResMed Tubing Wrap

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A smooth, heat-retaining cover for your standard tube. Reduces rainout and minimises drag on your bedclothes and your mask to provide a more stable seal and a more comfortable experience.

ResMed’s Tube Wrap is made from microfibre, has a soft, fleecy feel, and keeps the warmth in the tube from machine to mask, minimising “”rain out”” on those cold nights.

Why would I buy one?

  1. Tube Wrap maintains hose temperature above room temperature by insulating the hose, which reduces the amount of condensation within the tube.
  2. Tube Wrap cloth cover softens the contact between the skin and the tubing
  3. Tube Wrap hides the “”medical”” appearance of the CPAP tubing.

Zipper and Velcro end seal keeps Tube Wrap in place and effective


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

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