CPAP Wipes

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CPAP Mask Wipes are a fast, easy and convenient way to clean your CPAP mask.

These 100% cotton wipes contain an unscented cleaning agent and plant extracts and are free from alcohol and latex.

Comes in an economical pack of 62 – perfect for regular use.

You should remove facial oils from your mask after each use to optimise the seal of the mask.

• Specially formulated without strong fragrances or harmful chemicals
• So gentle, they nourish your hands
• Biodegradable
• Alcohol & latex Free
• No animal testing

Used regularly, these wipes will gently remove dirt, oils and other organic residues from the mask without hardening or deteriorating any parts, helping you to enjoy a fresh, clean therapy experience.

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ResMed CPAP Mask Wipes are a convenient and easy way to clean your CPAP mask, removing any facial oils and dirt. Cleaning is essential to optimise the mask seal and maintain the softness of the cushion.

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