Hushd Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

$99.00 inc GST

Hushd should not be used for any patients who:

  • Have a history of temporomandibular disorder
  • Have loose teeth or periodontal disease
  • Wear dental appliances such as dentures or braces
  • Have implants, crowns, or caps unless dentist approved



Hushd is a TGA registered and physician recommended, anti-snore mouthguard that positions the lower jaw forward, to open your airways while you sleep. Hushd has been specifically designed to improve your ability to breathe and therefore reduce snoring . By calibrating the mouthpiece into exactly the right position for your jaw, it will ensure you have a restful night’s sleep, without any discomfort.

  • ✓ Reduces snoring
  • ✓ Improves sleep quality
  • ✓ High comfort
  • ✓ Fully adjustable
  • ✓ SleepCare App compatibility

The hushd mouthpiece keeps your airways open while you sleep, allowing for smooth and continuous breathing – giving you and your loved ones some much needed rest from persistent snoring.


Getting Started

To get started with the hushd device, download the SleepCare app and watch a short video tutorial. The hushd device uses the “boil and bite” method which is simple
and easy to fit.

The SleepCare patient app is used alongside both the hushd temporary and long-term devices.
30 day manufacturers warranty for Hushd devices and 3 year warranty for Hushd Pro (long-term) devices

Download the SleepCare app by clicking on the links below:



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