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Airvo High-Performance Humidifier for Oxygen and Tracheostomy Patients

The AIRVO™ is a huge advance in home-based care for any respiratory condition where dryness and/or mucous clearance is of concern.

Airvo should be considered for all patients requiring tracheostomy humidification and all patients on oxygen who experience nasal dryness!

Notwithstanding the additional patient comfort that humidification can bring, research has shown that warmed and humidified air increases the rate of mucociliary clearance. This makes the Airvo™ particularly beneficial to any patient with a condition where mucous clearance is important, eg, Bronchiectasis, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis.

The Airvo™ is a humidifier, with adjustable flow settings for delivery of the gases. The humidity output of the water chamber is controlled by the temperature of the heater plate. The humidity delivered to the patient is maintained by temperature control of the heater wire inside the heated breathing tube.

It is designed to deliver 37 degrees Celsius (body temperature) fully humidified (100% relative humidity) respiratory gases. This humidity level is the most comfortable and effective possible. The flow rate of the unit can be adjusted from 15 to 45 L/min for optimal comfort There is also an integrated drying mode procedure that runs automatically when the unit is powered down, extending the life of the breathing tube.

The AIRVO™ sets a new standard for delivering high-flow therapy (NHF™/THF™) to
patients, providing performance and convenience with its integrated flow generator and innovative oxygen delivery system.

• Close to 100% relative humidity at body temperature (37 ºC)
• Dew point temperature display
• Precise, convenient FiO2 delivery from 21 to 60%
• Variety of Optiflow™ interfaces for upper and bypassed airways
• Wide flow range (15–45 L/min) with automatic compensation for changes in patient interface
• Wide ambient temperature operating range
• Simple controls
• Integrated O2 mixing
• No probes or external air supply required