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We make sleep disorders manageable.

We have a highly skilled and enthusiastic team including;

  • Specialist physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Nursing
  • Sleep scientists and technologists
  • Administrative staff and
  • Cleaning staff

At Bendigo Sleep Lab

Bendigo Sleep Lab was started by Linda Sawyer and has been growing and evolving in Central Victoria since its beginning in 2008. At that time we were a mobile unit called ‘Sleep Apnoea Support Services Bendigo’ performing unattended home sleep studies.

As the business grew, it needed a location clients could visit. The only option at the time was to move the office into Linda’s residence in 2010, in McCrae Street.

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At any stage if you have queries on the report or treatment, do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 5447 8827.

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We have refined our processes to ensure fast turnaround solutions to help you.


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Stability you can trust.

Expert Doctors.
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Respiratory and Sleep Physician


Clinical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist Sleep Disorders Specialist


Sleep Scientist


Sleep Technologist, Sleep Coach & CPAP Therapist


Sleep Technologist, Sleep Coach & CPAP Therapist


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Sleep Technologist


Medical Receptionist


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Administration, Sleep Technologist & CPAP Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to be tested?


However,  Medicare will only offer reimbursement on sleep tests where there is a referral and you meet the pre-screening criteria.

We do have a test that you can do without a referral. Once you obtain your report we will always advise to discuss with your doctor.

Can I be referred by a GP for a sleep study?

Yes, for diagnostic sleep studies providing you meet the pre-screening criteria as per the Medicare Schedule.

If you do not meet the pre-screening criteria, your GP will need to refer you to a Sleep Physician to assess your suitability for a sleep study (or alternate test). You may still be suitable for a GP referral for a Sleep Clinic study in some other situations. 
Alternatively, your GP can refer you for home oximetry.
Some specialised sleep studies can only be referred by Respiratory/Sleep Physicians. 

What are the screening criteria requirements for a sleep study?

You must meet the following criteria: 

  • an OSA50 score of 5 or more; or 
  • a STOP-Bang score of 3 or more; and must have 
  • an Epworth Sleepiness Score of 8 or more 

If you do not meet the screening criteria then your GP/Specialist can refer you for a consultation with a Sleep Physician to further assess suitability for sleep study testing. Alternatively, your GP can refer you for home oximetry, as an initial screening test. 

Can I be referred by a GP for a CPAP, MSLT, MWT sleep study?

No, you must be referred by a Sleep Physician. If you are over 18 years of ages for an MSLT or MWT you can be referred by a Neurologist.

Are there age restrictions for sleep studies at Bendigo Sleep Lab?

Bendigo Sleep Lab conducts sleep studies on patients greater than or equal to 18 years of age.

We can perform oximetry studies for all age ranges.

Who does the referral need to be made out to?

For a sleep study it can be made out to Bendigo Sleep Lab.

Sleep Monitoring & CPAP

Bendigo Sleep Lab specialises in home based sleep monitoring and professional treatments for a broad range of sleep problems such as Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, Circadian Rhythm Disorders and Insomnia.