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Please Note: CPAP Prescription required. This pump can only be collected from an outlet.

See in store for special deals and more information on this device.
Bendigo Sleep Lab, shop local.


ResMed designed the all New Advanced AirMini™ AutoSet™ Travel CPAP Machine with all the features that ResMed is known for. The AirMini™ features the same proven therapy modes used in the AirSense™ 10.

The AirMini Travel Machine is the World’s Smallest CPAP Machine, weighing less than a pound and fitting in the palm of your hand. Traveling has never been easier, no more dragging around the bulky heavy CPAP Machines. The size does not compromise any of the features or latest technologies that CPAP users are accustomed to in ResMed’s CPAP machines.

Compatability: EXCLUSIVELY FOR USE WITH RESMED’S LATEST MASKS: AirMini™ is exclusively used with ResMed’s latest AirFit™ N20 nasal masks, AirFit™ F20 & F30 full face masks, AirTouch™ F20 full face masks, and newly designed AirFit™ P10 nasal pillow masks.

AirMini™ CANNOT be used with any other masks, tubing or humidifier systems. The waterless HumidX™ system is only included when pairing the AirMini™ with the AirFit™ N20 or the AirFit™ P10 and their tube adapters.

AirMini™ is only available in package configurations with unique hoses for use with the following masks:

  • AirFit™ N20 with N20 Hose Setup – include tubing, adapters and HumidX Humidifier Filters
  • AirFit™ F20 with F20 Hose Setup – include tubing and adapters
  • AirFit™ P10 with P10 Mask Setup – include a specially designed P10 Mask with small, medium and large nasal pillows, headgear, tubing, adapters and HumidX Humidifier Filters

Features and Benefits of the ResMed AirMini™ Autoset™

  • Small: 
    AirMini™ is the World’s smallest travel CPAP Machine, weighing only 300 grams and fits in the palm of your hand. Measures 13.7cm  long by 8.4cm wide, making this the smallest RedMed device available.
  • AirMini™ App :
    Pair the AirMini™ with your Smart device with the AirMini™ app, Simply download, connect via Bluetooth and enjoy access to a range of comfort settings at your finger tips, easy and convenient to use keeping you in control to give you the best night’s sleep.
  • HumidX™ Humidification: AirMini features HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus,* a waterless system that is integrated into the tubing of the AirFit™ N20 and AirFit™ P10 masks for the AirMini™ device, the mask vent is beneath the inline moisture exchanger for more effective humidification, portable and convenient.
  • SmartStart and Auto Stop: AirMini’s SmartStart function begins your sleep apnea therapy as soon as you breathe into your mask. When you remove your mask, it stops automatically after a few seconds. If you prefer to start and stop therapy on your own you can do so simply by touching a button!
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR): EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) feature reduces the work of breathing during exhalation providing a gentler pressure that naturally adapts to your breathing cycle throughout the night. EPR can be turned off entirely or you can choose levels from 1 to 3, where 1 is the minimum pressure relief and 3 is the maximum.
  • Auto-Ramp: AirMini’s AutoRamp feature with sleep onset detection works by delivering a low pressure to help you fall asleep, Once asleep it gradually increases the pressure to your prescribed level. You have the option to set a specific ramp time for your device, or turn ramp off altogether.
  • CPAP or APAP Mode: The AirMini™ machine is set to Auto-Adjusting CPAP mode, but it is designed to work in either CPAP or APAP mode. In APAP mode, the machine adjusts the pressure based on your prescribed pressure.
  • Travel Bags: The AirMini Premium Carry Bag and the AirMini Travel Case for AirMini CPAP Machine are (Optional,) designed for use with the AirMini™ portable CPAP travel machine. The machine, mask, hose, and all accessories will fit into the premium bag for easy storage, the travel case is for the AirMini™ machine only.

If I use the AirMini in other countries, will the power supply unit automatically convert?

Yes, the design of ResMed’s AirMini machine accepts an AC input range of 100-240V and a DC output of 24V. However, purchasing the correct AirMini power supply unit for the country you are visiting is recommended to ensure correct performance of your AirMini machine.

Included with this Purchase

  • 1x AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine
  • 1x 20W Power Supply
  • 1x ResMed Mask (Please select from list above)
  • 1x Bed Caddy Mounting Kit
  • 1x Filter Cover
  • 1x Disposable Filter
  • 1x Drawstring Bag
  • User Guide
  • 2 Year Australian ResMed Warranty